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LUZ means Light....

Here, health and creativity are one. We offer support that fuels the mind, the body and the spirit. 


Alignment Coaching 



-High Growth Businesses

Upgrade by aligning belief systems with the mission and vision for the desired outcome. Awareness and Alignment are the foundation for success. 


Healthy People and Healthy Outcomes.

Mental Health + Alignment


Spiritual Health Advising

Intuitive Guidance that will support you as you delve into your deepest potential, unlock your spiritual power and gifts......

Limits Are Illusions


Reiki "Healing Touch"
Private & Group 
Certification Courses

Level 1, 2 & Master Level

Receive certification provide Reiki as a healing tool for yourself, your family, your friends and for the community.


Reiki "Healing Touch" 
Restorative Session 

Embrace the Power of Touch to release emotional, mental, and physical blockages. Tap into your power and re-align....


Childbirth Assistance & Education

Expand your Birthing Team and receive resources, emotional, spiritual and physical support.  

Unleash Your Power


Private & Group 
Integrative Retreats

Luz 22 Transformative Retreats are divinely designed to empower Mind, Body and Soul. Take a journey with a group or work with our team to curate a unique experience. 


Conscious Movement Dance Courses

Align the feet with the heart. Conscious Movement is rooted in connectivity, awareness and liberation. 

Styles Offered:

Adult Sensual Dance

Afro-Brazilian Dance

Free Movement/Improvisation


Wellness + Creative Workshops

Invite founder of Luz 22 Jasmine Dominique to your ceremony, school, workplace, conference or empowering event. She will work directly with your team to solidify a theme and transformative objectives. 

Create Your World


Marriage Solemization 

​The Ceremony occurs before the wedding.....


Marriage & Partnership are sacred gifts. When we attract our Divine Counterpart we enter into a new realm of life. Our aim is to empower the couple and their village. We believe that a marriage and community are synonymous. 

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