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A birth doula provides emotional, spiritual and physical support for the birthing person and their partner.


During prenatal appointments, the doula provides resources throughout pregnancy and helps you prepare for your upcoming birth. During your labor and birth, your doula will be an important member of your support team.

The doula serves the client and their partner in the following ways: 

• Emotional, spiritual, physical and educational support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum 

Present to provide support before and during active labor (in home and birthing facility)

• Facilitation of your birth vision, including but not limited to comfort measures, movement,  

positioning, comfort measures, Reiki, aromatherapy, additional music and/or special prayers, or anything else that feels supportive to you, either as included on your intake form, or as requested in your birthing room 

• Working with your partner (if applicable) to establish and maintain a peaceful and positive environment 

• Working with the staff and providers to establish rapport and to ensure that you have enough information to make informed decisions about your care 

• Supporting you is my top priority, but unless you request otherwise, I will also take pictures and record information for your birth story if possible (captured only as a keepsake for you)


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