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Luz means LIGHT…….


Luz 22 is a hub for Health, Wellness and Creativity. It is a metropolis where the Mind, the Body and the Spirit bloom.


Founder and Curator Jasmine Dominique has always been fueled by her passion to support others along their evolutionary journey. 


During a major episode of depression, Jasmine began to see the world differently. After surviving one of the darkest phases of her life, she knew that surrendering was the best option. Vividly, she recalls emerging from her cocoon, "I am very grateful for the challenging times in my life. Ultimately, those moments led me to my soul where all of the magic began to happen. I knew that it was my responsibility to assist others with going within so that they too could discover their power, which is limitless".

Why do we do what we do? Who and what told us to do it?

A passion to connect with others led Jasmine to pursue her education in the field of Psychology. In 2007 she graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology from Tennessee State University and in 2009 she graduated with a Master of Counseling Psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology. Though westernized education has allotted her the opportunity to reach diverse groups with diverse needs, Jasmine sought to include artistic and spiritual empowerment techniques into her practice.


She has been trained and educated about ancient African and indigenous spiritual practices and traditions. The desire to continue her evolutionary process led Jasmine to Salvador Bahia Brazil in 2012 where she engaged in multiple outlets that opened her mind and heart. Under the guidance and support of the most respected instructors, Jasmine studied different forms of Brazilian dance. Also, she worked closely with Spiritualists to integrate the power of Plant Medicine into her healing regimen. 

After returning to her hometown in Nashville, TN Jasmine continued to study alternatives for western medicine. She is now a certified Reiki Specialist and Master Teacher and a Holistic Birth Doula & Childbirth Advocate + Educator.

As stated by Jasmine, "Brazil gifted me with an immersive experience that included dance therapy, music therapy, energy healing and powerful experiences with plant medicine sparked a flame that would eventually flourish into a Safe Space for others".

LUZ is a Portuguese word that means light. While in Brazil, Jasmine Dominique delved into a transformative experience that introduced her to the power of Nature and Holistic Care.  


22 is a significant number that holds tremendous power. It represents balance, harmony, unity and strength. It is a foundational number that connects us to the spirit and guidance of our ancestors.


Luz 22 Light for the Mind, the Body and the Spirit

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