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Like yoga and meditation, Reiki is becoming more known and more integrated into our society. It is utilized to aid in improving mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

 It is an alternative healing method that is not accompanied by harmful side effects or heavy financial burdens. Reiki is also known as "Chi" "Prana" or "Life Force".

Every living thing that exists is permeated by a universal energy that connects and nourishes all life.

Energy is one of the most important expressions of the realm of pure consciousness, the spiritual life in the manifested physical world.

Reiki "Healing Touch" Level 1, 2 and Master Level 

Virtual or "In Person" Courses

Private & Group courses are uniquely designed to assist as you discover your innate ability to heal and to empower yourself + others with the Power of Reiki. 

What is Reiki?

It is the universal energy or holy spirit that sustains everything and everyone under the sun. When we learn how to identify and to channel Reiki energy we enhance our quality of life. Reiki is the fuel that we need to live life at our most optimal level mind, body and spirt.


 Why should I invest in a course?

Working with Jasmine Dominique will improve and accelerate your ability to connect more deeply with yourself and others......holistically. Courses allot you the opportunity to learn, to foster community and to align with the energy and spirit that sustains us every day, all while encouraging others to do the same.  

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