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                                                                 Journey to Bahia Retreat 

                                                                  Salvador Bahia, Brazil


Registration is Open!


It is time to for another journey and I would love for you to join us for the 3rd Journey to Bahia Retreat. I lived in Salvador Bahia, Brazil for 2 beautiful and transformative years. That place CHANGED my life and introduced me to my spirit. My TRUE self. Now, I am hosting retreats to share the magic, culture, traditions and history of a gem that exists in our world.

During this retreat, together we will delve into our heart and souls. We will also have some fun! I will hold space for 5 individuals that are ready for a new journey. I want to emphasize that I am hosting a retreat. If you choose to join us we will be doing collective and individual activities that can support the mind, the body and the spirit. I ask that you open your heart to experience the wonderful possibilities. 

The Experience 


Day 1 December 3rd Tuesday

Check in/Rest

Homage to Our Ancestors/Intentions


Opening Dinner- Private Room

Night Cap


Day 2 December 4th Wednesday

Morning Meditation and Yoga and Journal Prompt 1

Reiki Session 1


Beach Day 

Dia de Santa Barbara

Night Cap 


Day 3 December 5th Thursday

Morning Meditation and Breathwork and Discussion of Journal Prompt 1

Journal Prompt 2

Reiki Session 2

Terreiro Tour/Pelo Tour Renato Story Telling

Baile Foclorico 

Dinner in Pelo

Night Cap


Day 4 December 6th Friday

Morning Meditation and Chakra Dance and discussion of Journal Prompt 2

Journal Prompt 3- Inner Child 


Beach Day

Private Ayahuasca Session


Day 5 December 7th Saturday 

Morning Meditation and Integration Activity/Debrief 

Journal Prompt 4


Reiki Session 1 and 2

Last Minute Shopping 

Chef Tutorial and Closing Dinner 

Night Out?


Day 6 December 8th Sunday

Closing Circle and discussion of Journal Prompt 4

Homage to the Ancestors 

Time Capsule


I will be offering Morning Meditations and Reiki. A sign-up sheet will be available if you would like to receive any of the services offered. Bring a journal!​

This journey is for you if you are open to building community. The purpose of this retreat is to evolve, to share wisdom and to receive wisdom. If you surrender fully to the experience, beautiful transformations can occur. This journey is not only a vacation, but it is a wonderful opportunity to evolve. 

More About Ayahuasca

The non-refundable fee for the Journey to Bahia Retreat is $1,500


Investment Schedule

First or Full Investment ($200) is required to reserve your place.

Final Investment is due by November 1st, 2024.

All investments are non-refundable.

Your investment will cover:

1. Opening Dinner December 3rd

2. Closing Dinner December 8th

3. Ayahuasca Ceremony

4. Lodging for 6 Days and 5 Nights

5. Shuttle to and from the airport,

6. Guided Tour

7. Baile Foclorico Show and all

8. All Retreat Supplies


Application Fee $15

My team will select 10 applicants to engage in a live virtual interview with a panel and 5 applicants will be selected to participate in the Journey to Bahia Retreat!

More About Bale Folclorico

Meet the Goddess Facilitators 


You will need a passport (Visa not required) and identification to travel to Salvador Bahia, Brazil. The financial investment will not cover your airfare. 


I will arrange transportation to pick you up and to drop you off at the airport. On Day 1 of the retreat December 3rd, the shuttle will arrive for pick-up at 1 p.m. (GMT-3) On the final day of the retreat December 8th, the shuttle will arrive for drop-off at the airport at 3 p.m. (GMT-3). If those times are not conducive for your travels there will be alternative options (Taxi, Lyft or Uber). 


Airport: Salvador-Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport

My Bags Are Packed!

Video Monique/Lino

Pictures and Description of Home

Facts About Salvador

Video of Salvador

Checklist to Apply and Next Steps 

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