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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Many women and their partners are impacted by fertility issues all over the world. A variety of different phenomena have been put in place to attempt to zap the problem. New helpful medical practices have contributed to fertility success rates, but what are we doing to address the root of fertility blockages?

Fertility issues are definitely a physical determent. Spiritual, mental and emotional aspects must also be taken into consideration. This blog was created to provide a different perspective. My aim is to encourage women, their families, medical providers and all supporting parties to delve a little deeper into to what is not always visible to the naked eye.

Women are so very sensitive and intuitive. Our bodies are very intelligent. It knows what it wants and it will not compromise. Many women were not taught to be in tune with their bodies. We did not learn how to listen to the many cues and signs that our wombs share with us frequently. The womb is so powerful and so delicate. When it is happy we are happy. Before pregnancy occurs the womb may need special attention and care. This can be very profound for women who choose to commit to the process.

There are many different factors that impacts the functioning of the reproductive area (womb). The level of spiritual balance between a woman and her partner is significant. Again, the woman’s body is very intelligent. Often times, it is aware of what the mind cannot comprehend. If a woman is attempting to conceive a child with a partner who is not an energetic match to her (mind, body and spirit) the body can reject the semen. Wombs are like magnets, but because they are very sensitive they can also be very selective. It is important for partners to be on the same page. If possible, toxicity and any unresolved matters should be addressed. This creates positive chemistry between partners, thus improving fertility.

Wombs eat too! The reproductive area thrives in healthy and rich environments. What we put into our body can encourage our wombs to be happy or dissatisfied. Again the womb is very sensitive. To prepare it is beneficial for men and women to eat leafy nutritious greens. Healthy proteins and consuming medicinal herbs contributes to the preparation of a healthy physical environment for a healthy baby. Eating processed foods, white sugar and foods that consume our energy can cause the womb to shut down. We most definitely are what we eat. The womb will reject what is not in alignment with it’s well-being.

Thoughts are things that create our reality. We are constantly manifesting. We are the co-creators of our lives. Unresolved trauma, the expectation of negative outcomes and the perceptions leaves an imprint on the mind and the body. When we examine and shift our thoughts we can begin to create a life that works in our favor. Now, this may not happen over night. Usually our thought patterns are directly connected to years and years of conditioning and experiences. We may need to delve into generational habits, traditions and cultural expectations that are not an energetic match.

Creating new life is more than a physical act. It divine. When we are balanced mentally, physically and spiritually we inform the universe that we are ready for what it is that we are asking for. Sometimes, we just need to go deeper into ourselves to cleanse, to clear and to re-connect. Anything is possible when we choose.

Are we in alignment with what it is that we are asking for. Does our internal and external reality reflect what it is that we are asking for? If not, we have the power to change it! Ask and you shall receive. Dig deeper and all that you desire will blossom.

Jasmine Dominique is an Author, Blogger & Holistic Health Specialist.

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