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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

I was never afraid, but I knew that some resistance would come. I was aware that people would fear what they did not “inner-stand”. The calling was so grand that I had no choice but to surrender to it. My Reiki teacher told me that Reiki would change my life…….quickly. I was ready.

Reiki is a positive transference of energy that is channeled by the specialist. The positive energy is then sent through the hands of the specialist to the recipient. Reiki knows exactly where to go and what to do. Think about the energy that the sun gives to us and to the nature that surrounds us. We can not see the energy, but we know that it exist. Reiki is invisible, but very powerful. It has been known to cure physical, mental and spiritual ailments. It is very relaxing and reduces stress too!

My journey as a specialist has been very rewarding and at times challenging. I feel that society as a whole is slowly opening up to natural forms of healing. The same forms of healing that our ancestors utilized long ago. I have noticed that there is still some hesitation and some inhibitions. I can also feel that many people are excited about trying and learning a new skill that EVERYONE has access too.

My primary goal as a specialist is to remind all people that healing and that being healthy is an internal job. Growing up in the south and in the Baptist church, I learned at a very young age not to question God. I was taught that prayer and that reading the bible was the solution to my problems. The rules and regulations of the church were very strict. Failure to adhere to the rules would create anxiety and extreme feelings of guilt later during my young adulthood stages.

As I advanced in age and began to explore, I could hear God’s voice. It came to me in various ways. I discovered that God’s voice is very colorful and that it changes form at any given moment. When I thought about the client’s that I served during the past year I found that 90% of my clients were Christians. These beautiful people were also listening to the many colors of God’s voice.

As a brown woman of African descent in a world that is still opening it’s mind, I realize that the work that I do has become a form of peaceful resistance and empowerment. I was recently told that it is very difficult to find Reiki specialists that “look like me”. Why? Are we afraid to come out of our healing quarters? Are we not being supported? Have we hidden within our tribes?

Though who I am and what it is that I do are BEYOND race, gender or religious affiliations I do realize that people seek to relate… they choose to relate is their choice. Choice. We as society must ensure that equal amounts of resources and representations are available and current for all people.

I have been selected to break many barriers. I ran away from this responsibility for many years. There is a collective and enlightening movement that is happening. I am honored to be a part of it. The work continues…….

Jasmine Dominique is an Author, Blogger & Holistic Health Specialist.

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