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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

What are some of the earliest and most fondest messages that you received about mental health? Do you think that it is important to nurture your mental health? How do you feel about asking for help when your mental health is not thriving?

As we delve more deeply into the constructs that have shaped our identity, it is important to ask ourselves if those constructs align with our health and wellness. If not, we have the power to create dynamic shifts that will ultimately support us as we continue this earthly journey.

We made it through the storm that is also known as 2020. Many of us are still picking up the pieces, maneuvering through the novelty and making some very profound decisions. We are here. So now what? What do we do with this space and time that has been allotted? How do we find our rhythm in this New World?

Inevitably, this massive period of transformation has encouraged people to shift and to examine their perspectives regarding mental health. We have all experienced some form of mental distress due to the blows and shakes that 2020 so graciously shared. More than ever, people appear to be questioning if their mental health is stable. Moment of relief for those in need.....if your mental health is in the best condition IT IS OK. Toxic positivity can present itself as a form of avoidance. It seeks to keep us away from our shadows and our truth.

Although we as humans adapt and evolve, we also experience a scale of emotions. If we allow the emotions can be accompanied by enlightening experiences, but sometimes we need support as we flow into our inner mystery. The affairs of the mind can be overwhelming and if we choose to avoid the process cognitive dissonance can manifest. Sometimes, the brain cannot respond effectively to change, unpredictability and trauma. As a result, the brain can enter into self-preservation mode. After all, the brain is very primitive and it prefers to have a standard routine. While in self preservation mode defenses can be created and the impairment of mental health will follow.

Our mind, specifically the sub conscious mind is a collection of experiences that can govern our reality. In other words, the status of our mental health is shaped by various experiences that we have encountered. Childhood experiences are included. This is why compassion and gentleness are important. If we choose, we can unfold the various layers that have shaped our responses and perceptions.

Thankfully, our society appears to be embracing the value of receiving mental health support. Professionals are in high demand! Also, the evaluation of generational influences on mental health are being discussed. We are evolving.

I encourage you to check in with yourself frequently. Observe your thoughts, emotions and feelings. It is ok to request support if needed. You are valuable and your health is a priority. Click on the link below to complete brief health assessment.

Jasmine Dominique is an Author, Artist, Blogger, Mental Health Clinician M.A. & Wholistic Health Specialist.

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