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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Our Beautiful Bodies.....

They are designed to support us and guide us as we fulfill our missions on this planet. Our bodies are so resilient, so patient and they are always ready to serve us. They can take many blows and yet they are still so faithful. I often imagine how more people's perceptions of their bodies would be different if they were encouraged at a young age to build healthy relationships with them.

We have been given absolutely everything that we need to nurture ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Nature has given to us the tools that we can utilize to live healthy and blissful lives. Athletes bodies are constantly receiving demands. Depending on the athlete, the demands might be gentle or harsh. Nevertheless, the body must respond. For athletes, the response usually needs to happen very quickly and efficiently. How does this impact athletes relationships with their bodies overtime?

The body is so intelligent. It has a natural rhythm that we can honor with the foods that we eat, the thoughts that we think and the movement or stillness that we give to it. We can also honor our bodies by transferring positive energy (vibes) to it when we channel Reiki.

Many athletes have been taught how to use "the body", but being aware of the it's unique language is just as important. Listening to our bodies can help us to know what it is that they need. Is it in need of more oxygen (breathe)? More water? More nourishing and natural foods? More love and attention? The body is always communicating. In the world of sports, high adrenaline and aggression the body could really use some TLC on a consistent basis. Many athletes are oblivious to being in a state of physical shock and trauma.

Reiki or "the laying of the hands" is an ancient technique. With a simple touch, Reiki can transfer positive signals to the body. Our bodies have a natural rhythm that is very in tune with the laws of nature. When the body experiences hard impact or constant stress it is no longer balanced. Gently, Reiki re-aligns and re-charges the body's battery. All organs, cells and muscles receive the message that "everything is ok". The body remembers that it is safe and loved. All living things need to know that they are loved. Reiki improves body awareness and opens up the space for it to release any and everything that prevents optimal levels of health.

Jasmine Dominique is an Author, Blogger & Holistic Health Specialist

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