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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Why has the Yoni (vagina) chosen me to share her magic? Why has she exposed me to her darkness and to her light? Why am I so in love with her? She moves me. I love the way she hypnotizes me with her sweet scent. I will forever be her captive……

I ask myself….How could someone who has been taught to hate her vagina now be so in love with her? She, the Yoni that called me a few years ago. Since then my life has never been the same.

I was raised to believe that my vagina was some untouchable thing that was only good for making babies. I always viewed her as being detached from me. She was a separate entity and to say her name amongst others was forbidden. I knew that Prince Charming would be arriving to remove the chastity belt that restricted my breath. For some reason, I was never excited.

I did not want the fairy-tale and by the age of 15 I had no desire to hide my fragile little treasure. I wanted to be free, and within the limits of my mind I truly believed that I was. One day the truth revealed to me that conditioning had plagued my thoughts. Deep down inside I felt dirty and guilty for wanting to be a sexual human being. I was a walking contradiction. To the world I appeared to be a butterfly released from the cocoon, but I was a prisoner and a repressed little girl. Years of doctrine, familial expectations, and social constraints weighed heavy on my unconscious mind, until my Yoni called me. I surrendered to her will……

Lately, my Yoni has been demanding much of my attention. She says that I have been avoiding her and that she is requesting more respect. She told me that she is not to be avoided, and that if I want to attract balance I must first give reverence to her. My womb a.k.a. “The Boss” said that I must be cautious, because she is sensitive. I must think about her well-being when interacting physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Her life is depending on me.

With the most boastful, but gentle guidance “The Boss” allowed me to see the sacred space that she has created. Here she cultivates love and stores all of her unique treasures. She waits patiently with non-resistance for new life to rest in her arms. I saw just how resilient she really is! She has endured generations of abuse, torment, and neglect. In a world where she is not valued as she should be, she continues to bare fruit so that humans can continue to dwell within this physical realm.

All Yoni's are always communicating. When she is sick and malnourished cysts, fibroids and cancers might occur. When she is whole and healthy she sings and dances without fatigue. Sweet nectar flows and she attracts the most delightful experiences. Magic is reared within the palms of her hands! She is the portal that brings life into this realm. She is fragile, but courageous. She is loyal and will share the most amazing gifts if she is praised and acknowledged with genuine love.

Jasmine Dominique is an Author, Blogger, Artist & Wholistic Health Specialist.

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