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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Do you realize how amazing you are? Seriously, do you?

Life consists of an influx of highs and lows. Whoever said that life would be an easy journey? The complexities arise to assist us as we fortify our character. We must be stretched, shifted and strengthened as we delve more deeply into our purpose on this earth.

You have survived every challenge. You have overcome every obstacle. You are a champion.

The ego can be cunning. It thrives in environments that allow it to be charged by stagnation. It does not like change. The ego is very afraid. It creates several illusions with the intent to maintain a superficial sense of control. It is threatened by anything that could potentially take away its dominion.

The ego is fed by greed, envy, rage, power, manipulation and all other energies that are rooted in fear. It is sustained by false truths and delusions. The ego loathes being naked, because it never wants the truth to be exposed. What is that truth?

The ego is very fragile and at times frail. Without validation it cannot exist. It is constantly feasting on the existence of people, places and things. Like a parasite, it needs a host in order to survive.

If we strip ourselves of every title, achievement, accolade, expectation and all other external variables we will discover our truest selves.

When we give ourselves the permission to exist in a realm of nothingness, we open a gateway that guides us to the purest, most authentic and divine version of ourselves.

The world did not prepare us for the truth. It prepared us for what is considered to be the norm. Quite often, when one chooses to defy the rules that are associated with what is acceptable in our society there are consequences.

Black Sheep, I know that you can relate! You are not alone!

Stepping out of the shadows of what is praised and valued by the masses takes great courage. The soul delights in what is real. Who are we without giving others the opportunity to define us? Behind the veil and beyond the pillars, what is there?

Embrace that you are exactly where it is that you need to be, right now.

You are the version of yourself that should be here, right now! This moment is all that you have and what is so amazing is that the moment has been designed for you. Bask in it! It is yours!

Radical Self-Acceptance is a tool that you can use to liberate yourself from the pressures that seek to surround you. The path to manifesting the life that you desire requires that you be present with where you are right now.

Express Gratitude for the outpouring of miracles that surround you each day. Maybe your reality is not what you have envisioned it to be at this time, but Radical Acceptance will light your path as you take the journey to get there.

We cannot avoid the process. There are lessons that we must learn. Awareness must be heightened, so that we can handle with care the reality and world that we are seeking to create. Prematurity creates distractions, problems, delays and unnecessary burdens.

There are levels.

Where you are mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically is so important. Who you are at this exact time is valuable and meaningful. The current version of yourself is the catalyst for all that you are becoming.

Embrace the now. Give thanks for the past. Remember, that an amazing future awaits you and know that there is no need to expedite your journey. Pay attention to the signs and signals along the way.

Radical Self-Acceptance means that you receive yourself. Powerful! Accept absolutely everything that has built your current identity and also remember that you are not a prisoner to any of it. Let it all flow.

Radical Self-Acceptance will launch you into your wildest dreams......if you allow.

Amazing you are, as you are.

Jasmine Dominique is an Author, Artist, Inspirational Public Speaker, Mental Health Clinician M.A. & Wholistic Health Specialist

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