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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Depression, Anxiety, Guilt, Suffering

Bliss, Peace, Balance, Compassion, Love

We all have a natural rhythm and that rhythm is always waiting for us to receive it. Living in such a fast-paced society can be heavy on the health. Searching for instant gratification and quick fixes have contributed to a plethora of mental, physical and spiritual health disparities. There seems to be a daily race, but where does it lead to? What is the overall objective of the journey? Are we chasing illusions? Are we surrendering to our truth?

Addiction formulates in a myriad of ways. After, returning to the United States after living in Brazil for two years I decided to observe our culture and the impact that it has on human behaviors. I noticed that operating within a realm of constant stimulation is normalized. Without conscious surrender, there is no time to focus on breath, to think with the heart or to respond slowly. In an instant decisions are made. After all, there are goals to achieve. I have observed specifically within myself that there was a deeply rooted pressure to aim for perfection and the illusionary approval of others. I was confined for many years to notion that I MUST STRIVE. Carrying this burden not only impacted my health, but it also created constraints amongst my relationships with others. When we depend on anything or anyone outside of ourselves we devalue our own innate ability to create exactly what it is that we want to create. All that we need is a sprinkle of intention and faith.

There is a sacred practice that is called Giving No Fucks. It is like a muscle that must be strengthened. It is available at all times. It is FREE. When we choose to Give No Fucks we not only release ourselves from the outcome, but we open ourselves up to create bliss and balance within every aspect of our lives. What is so amazing about Giving No Fucks is that it is contagious. Instantly, people can feel the power and will more than likely want to experience the euphoric feeling that comes with giving the process the space to be whatever it needs to be.

Mental Health Benefits of Giving No Fucks:

1. Improves Sleeping Patterns

2. Improves Cognition

3. Alleviates Depression & Anxiety

4. Stimulates Endorphins (hormones that promote happiness and joy)

5. Eliminates Toxic Patterns

Physical Health Benefits of Giving No Fucks:

1. Protects Against Toxins and Acidity

2. Eliminates Stress and Tension

3. Improves Agility and Stamina

4. Ignites the Elimination of Fat

5. Magnifies Your Sexy Sexy Sexy

Spiritual Benefits of Giving No Fucks:

1. Provides a Natural High

2. Strengthens Connection to Source/God

3. Improves Levels of Compassion

4. Improves Breathing

5. Polishes the Aura

6. Magnifies Ones Ability to Manifest and to Create

Jasmine Dominique is an Author, Blogger & Holistic Health Specialist.

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1 commentaire

Beautifully written and it just put some pep into my journey to giving no fucks. Lol This was an awesome read, thank you.

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