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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

We are here. We made it. Now, let’s LIVE.

The last 3 years were full of shifts, turbulence and unpredictable occurrences that were out of our hands. I found myself having 1 or 2….and sometimes 3 more glasses of wine with dinner. Can anyone relate?

Many of us experienced life altering events that changed the rhythm of our lives and because we are self-preservationist beings, the focus was to survive!

Naturally, when we feel that our existence is threatened our brains get into gear to protect and to defend.

No doubt that the rewiring of our brains has impacted relationships, worldviews and much more. Are we still operating in survival mode or have we given ourselves the permission to return to a state of homeostasis and balance.

Fear creates the illusion that we are covered by a safety net that will shield us from any and all possible threats. If we maneuver throughout our lives holding tightly to fear, we will create experiences that validate fear mongering theories.

When you think a thought, your reality will oblige. That is just how powerful you are!

Your thoughts are ALWAYS creating scenarios that empower your belief system. Some call it a self-fulfilling prophecy, I call it the power of intention and manifestation.

So, since the brain is one of if not the most powerful organs in our body, how can we gently guide it back to a state of equilibrium?

Hunny, life is for the living!

Remember pleasure.

When we are engulfed by fear we are constantly sending limiting signals to the brain. We all are so worthy of navigating throughout our journey with bliss, ease, peace and flow.

Oh, and let me not forget pleasure!

Usually, when pleasure is the topic of discussion people think immediately about sexual activities. Though sexual ooh la la is a form of pleasure, the list is limitless.

You deserve to experience pleasure……consistently.

Don’t let society fool you. Receiving pleasure is not something that you are required to earn or plead for. Receiving pleasure is a birthright that will allow you to improve and to fortify your quality of life.

Think about what makes you feel good. What actions or behaviors stimulate your senses? Any act of pleasure grand or small is good for your health!

It just feels so damn good!

Below are a few yummy pleasurable options. I invite you to comment and add to the list.

1. Sex and Intimacy with a loving partner.

2. Rest (nuff said)

3. Eating great food that stimulates the taste buds

4. Spending time with Nature

5. Listening to great music

6. Cuddling up in your favorite and most cozy blanket while you work

7. Taking breaks to enjoy the moment throughout your work day

The list goes on and on!

That soft life will require some soft habits that will change the trajectory of your life’s path. Trust Yourself.

Jasmine Dominique is an Author, Artist, Inspirational Public Speaker, Mental Health Clinician M.A. & Wholistic Health Specialist

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