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When it is time to walk away........

Identity. Where does it begin and end? Who and what has contributed to the foundation from which our selfhood emerges? How do we liberate ourselves from those aspects that no longer align with who we are becoming? After all, we are here to emerge.

Many have tried to define what identity, personality and character are. I do not think that they can be placed within the confinement of human ideology. We are too grand and too dynamic to be defined. Many, struggle with mental and physical illnesses because they are afraid to free themselves from themselves!

Who are you? Strip yourself of all the expectations, the labels and the titles that have been given to you. What is there? Inside of you.

What if identity is superficial? What if the core and the truth about who we are is a limitless and unexplainable phenomenon that exceeds logic.

More than likely, as you were developing in your mother's womb ideas about who you would be and how you would be reared were being cultivated. Shortly after, you entered the world, and you were compensated for traits that were acceptable and reprimanded for traits that did not align with expectations. This is where it all began.

We learned how to "be good" so that we could receive the approval of others. How often did we pause to consider what it is that we truly wanted to do or to be in the moment. If we did express our truth, was it embraced in an environment by others that were not judgmental or disapproving?

Who and what has contributed to the development of our identity?

Like a flower we are here to bloom. A flower never waits for permission, validation or approval. It flows with the rhythm of the seasons and sprouts up and out when it is time to do so! We too are here to blossom and to be in sync with the rhythm of nature.

My hope is that if needed, this blog reminds you to find your way back to yourself. I am here to encourage you to give yourself the permission to sprout as far and as wide as you would like.

What does your fertilizer consist of? Are you surrounded by people and environments that fuel your passion to evolve freely? What personality traits and characteristics are dominate in your life. Do you like them or are you ready to let them go........ you can let them go! Love, you are not trapped or stuck. Reinvent yourself. Play!

Take the time to get to know you. When was the last time that you had a conversation with yourself? What do you like? What makes you smile? When do you feel pleasure? When do you feel confident and powerful? The key is to ask yourself these questions without being concerned about people's approval or lack thereof.

Do you have an authentic relationship with yourself? Do you know who you are?

Throughout our lifetime parts of ourselves will die, so that the undiscovered parts of ourselves can bloom. As a result, we might grieve and feel some discomfort. Being attached to the traits that have created such a profound impact in our lives is ok. However, if our growth is being stunted by those traits it is ok to walk away from them. Yes, you can break up and end the relationship with the parts of yourself that no longer serve a purpose. Be kind to yourself. Grace.

Give thanks. Every version of yourself has been a relevant part of your advancement.

Download & Press Play to hear a gentle meditation designed to support your evolutionary journey. Let that shit go........

Out of the Ashes Meditation
Download ZIP • 6.52MB

Jasmine Dominique is an Author, Artist, Inspirational Public Speaker, Mental Health Clinician M.A. & Wholistic Health Specialist

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