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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

We are entering into a New Era. New Beginnings. New Energy. Even if you do not celebrate the New Year that occurs January 1st, I encourage you to delve into the collective power that welcomes novelty. We have been given the space to create a new reality for ourselves. That's right! We have the power to manifest greatness. The key is to know that you deserve greatness.

In order to live the life that we envision for ourselves, there are a few characteristics that we must leave behind. We do not need to carry hell into heaven. OK?! The past has occurred. It is gone and it will not return. We can let go of its remnants and we can open ourselves up entirely to experience a life that we choose. Now how does the Power of Energy fit into all of this? We are walking vibes. Within and around us we carry what it is that we are thinking and feeling. This is why you can feel the energy or the aura of others. Trust. New Year Resolutions are wonderful, but in order for us to manifest what it is that we desire our character (vibes) must be aligned.

If you are reading this blog, something tells me that you are ready for some new experiences. You know that this journey that we are on is just that. It will not last forever and we have been given the power to co-create a wonderful adventure. Will bumps and barriers greet us? Absolutely. Perception is the key to shift any circumstance into a circumstance that will ultimately be beneficial.

Below are 9 traits that we can leave behind in 2019. They have all served their purpose. They have all been an intricate part of our evolution. These traits have taught some very valuable lessons. They were all intertwined with a divine process. Now, we know that we do not need to operate within the realms of fear in order to receive the results that we want. We can remain within the flow, because there is a universal power that loves us all so much. So cheers to releasing any and all stagnant energies. May the space be clear and open.

The Manipulator knows how to make something out of nothing. Usually charming and suave, the manipulator can read and respond to anyone in the most seductive ways. They do not take no for an answer, but can be also be very cunning. Seduction can be a superpower, but when we utilize the power for our own benefits without considering others the results can create an imbalance. Manipulation is needed when we do not feel like our authentic self is enough. Self-trust is something that is cultivated and it must be nurtured. Being vulnerable allows us to remember that we are a part of a whole that functions best when we approach situations with compassion and love.

The Procrastinator can be a master of shifting focus. Finding a reason and any reason to run away from a vision, a purpose or an idea becomes a habit. Procrastination can take away our ability and our opportunity to be present with what it is that we are manifesting. The more that we procrastinate the more we interfere with the natural process of creativity. The universe is constantly responding to our cues. When we procrastinate we are telling the universe that what we are hoping to create is not important or that it is not worth of our full attention. When we prioritize our vision, purpose or idea we remind the universe that we are excited to co-create. Enthusiasm is powerful!

The Competitor is usually known as being strong, solution-focused and very driven. By any means necessary this person wants to win and will stop at nothing to make it happen. All focus goes towards ensuring that everyone knows who the boss is. Competitors are sharp and they are always studying their perceived opponent. Having drive and determination is beautiful, but competition creates barriers when one loses the sacred connection with the gifts that have been given to them. Gratitude becomes void and the ego becomes consumed with being the first to cross the finish line. Where is the finish line? Does it exist? When we are in tune with our spirit we know that competition is not necessary. We are aware of the Higher Power that has given each individual the free will to express their talents in unique and ways. All for the purpose of making this world a better place. Competition is not necessary, because there is only one you. No one can take it, break or shake it if you do not allow.

The Over-Achiever is often times over-worked and stressed, although the world would never know it. They take on challenge after challenge with the intent of achieving and mastering them all. Similar to the competitor, the over-achiever needs to be validated. The validation can only come from success. When the over-achiever fails the consequences are grand. The over-achiever might engage in negative self-talk or create conflict with others as a way to justify the perceived failure. Over-achievers also need to be reminded that they are enough and that achievement is a figment of perception. Success is a figment of perception. When the need to over-achieve is more important than mental, spiritual and physical well-being changes must be made.

The Dominator is also known as the controller and must have a sense of dictatorship in every situation. Dominators feel that their way is the best way. They are often times displeased with the efforts of others. Feeling a lack of control can lead to anxiety and frustration. The dominator is most comfortable when they are able to predict outcomes. As a result, they maintain tight spaces for themselves and the joy of the unknown is often avoided. Relinquishing the need to control is usually followed by unexpected miracles, fulfilling experiences and the ability to go with the flow. Where there is flow there is also ease and trust. Control is usually anchored by fear. Where there is fear love cannot dwell.

The Pleaser is also known as the "yes person". They will do what needs to be done to ensure that everyone is happy at the cost of their own fulfillment. Pleasers feel adequate when they have met the demands of others. Similar to the controller, the pleaser needs to know that others are content with their actions and decisions. They will sacrifice time, health and esteem in order to receive the reactions that they desire from others. Saying no is scary for pleasers. They fear rejection and will hold on to a false agreement in order to keep the peace. Pleasers should know that it is impossible to make everyone happy. In fact, it is exhausting. Responses are usually an accumulation of childhood rearing and past experiences. So ultimately others responses have nothing to do with us. Liberating oneself from the expectations of others can be life-changing and magical!

The Opposer is also known as the complainer. This person knows how to disagree with everything, even if they really want to agree. They feel a sense of security when they object the ideas or worldviews of others. they are not afraid to let the world know that their answer is usually no. Though they can be assertive they often miss out on the adventures that life can bring. Fear can become a barrier that traps them within comfort and ease. The world and all of its wonders are limitless!

The Perpetual Optimist has smiles for everyone and a positive response.....always. You will never see them down. They respond to life as if it is only full of pleasant experiences. The perpetual optimist will not let anyone in their presence feel anything less than joy. If you are sad, angry or frustrated they will encourage you to shape up. Quickly. Optimism is powerful, but just being whatever one needs to be is powerful too. We all experience darkness first in order to reach the light. Perpetual optimism can create imbalances if the "shadow work" or emotional healing is avoided. In order to know ourselves, we must first be aware of all that is transpiring within. Sometimes, we need to connect with our darkness in order to transform it. If not, we continue to walk blindly. Sometimes, everything is not ok and that is ok.

The Victim is often creating a reality that attracts people who will eventually hurt them. The self-fulfilling prophecy can consume. Within every person who has a dominant victim mentality is usually a story related to childhood trauma . We can become stuck within our trauma if we are not aware. What this person must first realize is that they are not a victim at all. They are a powerful being that has the ability to shift their reality. Being a victim can become a very content disposition. Until the realization that life can happen for them and not to them takes precedence, the victim mentality will continue to thrive. The ego will continue to be fed. Freedom arrives when the person with the victim mentality realizes that that they can change their mindset, energetic field and the people who are attracted to them. When we stand in our power we attract people who respect our power. This power does not have to be forceful or even boastful. It can be silent and sure.

The traits that I have shared are all traits that I have or am currently working to release from my mind, my body and my spirit. Though they have all served very significant purposes, I now know that they are no longer needed. Spirit has our back. Love has our back. All is exactly the way that it should be. I must admit that facing these traits has not been easy. I had to take full responsibility for what I have been creating. Freedom is much more alluring now. I encourage us all to do honest evaluations of our character before the new year arrives. With love and gentleness, let us delve into our core where the magic is. We have the power to choose who we choose to be during this experience called life. Happy New Beginnings and Cheers to the power of Authenticity.

Jasmine Dominique is an Author, Blogger, Artist & Wholistic Health Specialist.

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