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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

If your womb could talk what would it say? If you could have an honest conversation with your womb, what would you want it to know? That sacred space and portal where life begins. It is truly a powerful gateway. It is a medium between the heaven and the earth. Nothing enters this earthly experience without passing through the womb first. Why didn't we learn about the power of the womb when we were receiving education? After all, no one would be here without it. It has been purported that the womb holds more memories than the human brain. It is like a treasure chest that can bring wealth and riches into our lives. When the womb is happy life is more meaningful. We enter into the realms of creativity. We remember that we are limitless and that we are magical. A womb that is hurting is the incubator for despair, emptiness, disconnection, anxiety, depression, fibroid tumors and cancer.

When our mothers were developing in our grandmothers' wombs, we were there too. Our mothers carried all of the eggs that they would ever have. We were once tiny spectacles that were waiting to take form. This divine miracle also connected us to ancestral memory DNA. Physically and energetically predisposed to the experiences and the karma of our foremothers and forefathers. As a result, generational womb trauma can be inherited. This is why healing is so powerful. When we heal ourselves we can delve into the root of the mental, spiritual or physical illnesses. As we peel back the layers our ancestors and future generations will reap the benefits.

Birthing healthy babies is a divine birthright. We should respect and honor all that choose to become a vessel, so that life can enter into this world. Birthing healthy babies will birth healthy adults. Only then can we birth a healthy world. When this sacred space experiences trauma of any form that energy dissipates. As a result, the womb will adapt. It will create an environment that aligns with the toxicity. Trauma in the womb can derive from a myriad of factors. Ancestral trauma, sexual or emotional trauma, physical health ailments and negative thinking are a few factors that can shift the chemistry of the womb. Seeking support can be so divine. The womb needs to have the permission and the space to heal. It thrives best when it is in the flow!

Why Reiki? It is the energy that created us all. It is the essence that turns day into night. It is the limitless life force that nurtures all. When the womb receives Reiki very beautiful outcomes can manifest. Reiki assists the womb with re-aligning with the pure energy of love. It charges the womb while transmuting stagnant energy. It has the power to clear ions of baggage. When the womb is thriving in a high vibration it has the ability to create not only human life, but it can bring into fruition what is conjured by intention. When the womb is open to receive therapy through sacred touch, mountains are moved.

The womb, the yoni, the pussy and the honey box are royalty. When the womb is cared for it expresses itself in the most glorious ways. When it is appreciated and valued, the womb bears fruit that the masses will benefit from...…….forever.

Jasmine Dominique is an Author, Blogger, Artist & Wholistic Health Specialist.

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