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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Are you feeling this BIG Leo Energy? Leo Season is here and the Lion is roaring!

Feel. Self care, intimacy and reflection can support us all as we maneuver through the Lion's Den. If you are feeling overwhelmed right now, just remember to breathe. Leo energy can be intense! Many are feeling pressure to make some powerful and life changing choices. The universe is saying to us, now is the time. If you are being uprooted from your comfort zone, know that you are in sync with the rhythm of the cosmos. If you are feeling some fear give yourself the permission to. All will work out in your favor. Ride the wave my friend.

Leo energy is grand and powerful. Lions aren't afraid to take risks. Into the unknown we go. Lions are strategic, fearless and intentional. They observe their environment carefully and they are very clear about what it is that they want and do not want.

Defeat is not an option.

If you are seeking to manifest in any realm or aspect of your life, now is a great time to do so. Set your intentions and execute. Take full advantage of the intensity that Leo season brings and create your world. Manifesting can occur at a much faster rate now. Power, strength, swiftness, confidence, focus and dominance are all traits that can propel you into the world of your dreams. Tap in!

If you are experiencing some shifts right now, you are aligned with the magic of Leo Energy. Some shifts might be uncomfortable. The lion is courageous. It takes risks and it does not wait for the permission to do so. Every move that a lion makes is bold. What does that mean for you? If you are being compelled to step into the unknown remember that you must do something that you have never done in order to create new results. The time is now. Leo energy reminds us that we have waited and contemplated. Now it is time for action. Don't take a step, but leap into the next chapter of your life. Be Assertive. Be Confident. Be Great. You are the Ruler of your jungle. Roarrrrrrrr!

5 signs that you are in sync with the universe.

  1. Relationships are shifting: Have you noticed that you do not relate with certain people anymore? Are you hanging out less frequently with your posse or have you noticed that the flame that once fostered your relationships just isn't burning anymore? If so, surrender. When Leo energy propels us into the next phase of our earthy experience relationships will shift. Those that have arrived at the end of the road will reveal themselves. Count it all joy! They entered into your life to teach you profound lessons. If you are feeling a disconnect between friends, family, colleagues, etc. trust the flow. Space is being cleared. Novel relationships that are an energetic match with the new version of you are manifesting.

  2. Lack of interest: Lions bore easily. They need excitement, adrenaline boosts and they love to take great risks. If you are no longer fueled by the passions of your past, let go. Leo energy provokes us to eliminate stagnant thoughts, behaviors and patterns that prevent us from embracing the unknown. Have you lost interest in your goals, your perceived purpose, previous ideas, hopes and aspirations? Yes? Great! A new path that is more aligned with your soul is unfolding for you. Often times, we think that we know what we want. Leo energy shows us that we must delve a bit deeper in order to align with our spirit. In other words, are you living a life that you have designed or have you been influenced by external forces to live a life that you "think" you should live? Remember that lions are the rulers of their own world.

  3. New visions are coming: Lions are swift and strategic. They see what they want and they strike! Many people are experiencing sudden and re-occurring downloads, prophecies, dreams and visions. The ferociousness of Leo's commands are encouraging us to change our perceptions. We are being called to create a new reality.......fearlessly and confidently.

  4. Irritation and discomfort: Are you feeling the urge to be alone? Do you find solace in isolation. Are you easily irritated or annoyed when in the presence of other humans? If so, take a deep breath and know that what you are feeling is OK. Lions do not like to compromise. They want what they want and when they want it. We all know what happens when a lion is deprived from pursuing its instinctual desires. Tis' the season to focus on what makes you happy! Leo energy inspires us to cultivate a stronger relationship with ourselves so that we can be in tune with what we want. As a result, self- awareness, self-trust and self-confidence will be enhanced. When we are present with ourselves we are present with others.

  5. Low tolerance for control: Who or what roars louder than a lion?! They do not doubt their power. Lion's are assertive and they know that they have the keys to the kingdom! Lions cannot be dominated. They thrive on building and maintaining a habitat that is conducive for their every need. Now is a great time to practice the art of saying "no". Dive into your Leo power to reclaim your voice, to assert yourself, to identify healthy boundaries and to implement them. Those that mind don't matter. What you need and what you want is important. Your wildest dreams are on the other side of fear. YOU ARE THE EMPEROR OF YOUR REALITY.

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