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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Alright, I get it. Adulting requires a lot of time and energy. We wake up with a certain amount of hours in a day and a "to do list" that supersedes the time that we are alloted. When do we stop? When can we just be? The busy demands of our society yields for no one. We may even find ourselves shuffling to keep up with the beat.

Many of you might be feeling the intensity that has come with all of the lessons that Mother Nature is teaching us. Community is being strengthened, efforts to support other human beings have increased and more than ever we must unite. We are all affected either directly or indirectly by the current state of our society. Change is inevitable. If you are a sensitive person or an empath, you are probably feeling all of the feels right now. It is ok. When we are connected to our feelings, we are also connected to our spirits. When you feel you are alive. You are in sync with other beings on this planet. You are tapped into the frequency of love.

Balance. When our feelings and emotions are not aligned we are prone to react and to respond impulsively. If we do not maintain an equilibrium we can be led by the emotions and feelings of others. We also become susceptible to picking up "vibes" that do not belong to us. Mental, physical and spiritual exhaustion usually follow. When we reach this point, we begin to operate on "E" and our actions can lose significance. We deserve to be connected and in tune with all that we do. The foundation of our actions carry a very different energy when they include our hearts and our spirits.

So what can we do in order to avoid depletion? We can slow down. We can breathe before we respond. We can be truthful about the state of our health and wellness. When we acknowledge the condition of our health, we encourage others to do the same. Quality is just as valuable as quantity.

The good news is that there is relief! It all begins with the choice to create a change. Can you identify with the signs below? If so, have faith in the power of awareness and compassion. Below is a link that will guide you to a health assessment. I encourage you to observe your responses without judgment, while beginning to think about minor adjustments that you can make in your life in order to live more harmoniously. You are the foundation.

10 Signs of Energetic Exhaustion

1. Forgetfulness

2. Racing Thoughts

3. Confusion or Agitation

4. Lack of Motivation

5. Anxiety and Depression

6. Aggression

7. Physical Pain and Tension

8. Challenging Relationships

9. Fear

10. Disconnection from God/Universe/A Higher Power

Jasmine Dominique is an Author, Blogger, Artist & Wholistic Health Specialist.

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