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Reiki Level  2 Attunement & Certification

Jasmine Dominique- Reiki Specialist & Master Teacher


Reiki Level Two is geared towards connecting more with the masculine and feminine (yin and yang) energies. We will also focus on time traveling (shifting time and space) and Distance Healing. Prior to the course Reiki level 1 attunement and certification must be completed, the 21 Day Detox must be completed and be prepared to discuss your 21 Day Detox + Self-Care Journey.

The course fee is $160. In order to reserve your space/date 50% ($80.00) or 100% ($160) must be paid. You can pay the remaining total on the day of the attunement and certification course.


-Reiki Level 1 Follow-up/Grounding Meditation

-Reading & Discussion

What you can expect from Reiki level 2

Distance Symbol 1

Distance Symbol 2

Examples/Methods for Distance Healing 

Distance healing practice

-Reading & Discussion

Reiki & Ethics

Building a Heart and Spirit Centered Business 

Case Study 

-Reiki Sessions 

-Attunements & Certification Ceremony


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