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If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.



*If support and resources are needed contact Jasmine*

A 21 day Reiki cleanse is a spiritual detox that affects the physical, mental and emotional, and spiritual bodies.


The cleanse follows a Reiki attunement that is given allows you to connect more with the healing energy of reiki. The attunement removes blocks and stagnant energy from the chakras. It also opens the chakras allowing you to be more receptive to the energies around you.


During this 21 day period, you may have old experiences and emotions come forward as well as some of the following symptoms

  1. Emotional release (i.e. laughter, crying, anger etc.)

  2. Mood swings

  3. Irritability

  4. Fatigue

  5. Tiredness

  6. Headaches

  7. Vivid dreams

  8. Restless sleep or change in sleep patterns

  9. Heightened senses

  10. Change in sex drive


Allow the process to unfold for you without judgement. You will experience what is needed to elevate your own awareness. It is important to nurture and treat yourself to what makes you feel good. Be big on self-care during the 21 day spiritual cleanse. I suggest providing Reiki to each chakra for 3 days (total 21). I also suggest beginning with the root chakra (your base) and working your way up all the way to the crown chakra.

Other Suggestions:


  1. Drink plenty of water

  2. Give yourself a self-care treatment every week. For example, an epsom salt bath with your favorite essential oils. Add in some flower petals and/or crystals to your bath to make it extra soothing.

  3. Utilize your yoni eggs

  4. Journal daily

  5. Get a massage

  6. Spend time with nature

  7. Chant, sing listen to inspiring music

  8. Dance or exercise (move your body)

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