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Is it time for an Upgrade?


Wellness, Empowerment and Connection Coaching for Executives, Teams and Individuals 


Let’s create alignment by identifying what is driving the culture (thoughts + beliefs) of your company. What is beneath the core? 


We Support


High Growth Businesses







We Explore

Employee/Staff Individual Mission, Vision & Values 

Company Mission, Vision & Values

Culture of the Company 

What We Do

Let the UPGRADING begin! Luz22 Alignment Coaching services are designed to take you, your team and your business to the next level by helping individuals to align their belief systems with the mission, vision and values of the business that they are contributing to. 


Healthy People and Healthy Outcomes. 


We say no to comfort zones and yes to evolution. Alignment + Transformation happens when each team player feels as if they are contributing to the growth and to the success of the business. The drive to succeed is heightened when individuals feel as if they can thrive within a collective, while being the authentic and most empowered versions of themselves. 


We utilize unique holistic solutions that will contribute to the development of your leaders, your team and your business. We have a person centered and relationship centered coaching strategy that aims to align each individual with the culture of your business. 


Is the culture of your business unclear? Foggy? Non-existent? No worries! We can assist with identifying, fortifying and improving culture and structure. Let’s remember the WHY. 


What We Know

We believe that each member is a key player that brings something dynamic and incompatible to the table. The most successful high-growth businesses value change, autonomy, interdependence, collective missions + visions and trust. 


Transformation is fueled when individuals feel that 

-Their talents and individuality are an asset

-Their belief systems coincide with the mission, vision and values of the business

-They are being led by strong, competent and compassionate leaders

-Integrity and morality are prioritized


How We Help

We support individuals and teams as they delve deeply into the foundation of their belief system, thus delving deeply into the perception that they have of themselves, others and their workplace reality. We are allies that assist with merging personal identities with work identities. 

Our Mediums

-Developmental Tools 

-Guidance & Training 

-Health & Wellness Support & Services

-Mental Health Checks



-Guided Meditation

-Conscious Dance + Movement

-Alignment “done for you” Activities

-Remote Streaming 

-Reflective Group & Individual Assignments

We Guarantee 


-Find the common threads

-Identify the core of the culture

-Create a greater sense of purpose

-Improve work relationships

-Improve sense of autonomy

-Improve performance

-Increase revenue

-Decrease turnover

-Decrease burnout

-Spark genius thinking


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