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Reiki Level 1 Attunement & Certification


Jasmine Dominique- Reiki Specialist & Master Teacher



9-5 p.m.

Location Provided After Payment


Ten spaces are available for this course.

The investment is $150. 

Part 1

-Introductions/Grounding Meditation/Libations 

-Connecting Reiki to Ancestral Energy 

-The purpose of the course

-The origin and history of Reiki (A Kemetic and Asian Overview)

Part 2

-Defining energy/The aura

-A breakdown of the chakras and meridians 

-The causes of chakra imbalances and the impact on holistic health

-How to detect chakra imbalances 


Part 3

-How Reiki Works

-What happens during a Reiki Session

-Who can benefit from receiving Reiki


Part 4

-Introduction of Empowerment Symbol 

-The 21 day self-care detox

-Setting the intention for a Reiki session 

-Example of Reiki session

-Attunement and Certification

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