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The Ceremony occurs before the wedding…..


Marriage & Partnership are sacred gifts. When we attract our Divine Counterpart we enter into a new realm of life. In 2023, Jasmine Dominique became an Ordained Minister that aims to empower the couples and the family unit. It takes a community to create and to sustain a healthy marriage.


Here is why Jasmine Dominique’s solemnization process is unlike any other.


Are you ready for the Transformative & Empowering Journey? Let’s Evolve. 


Couple’s must work with Jasmine Dominique for a minimum of 6 weeks before the wedding ceremony to receive the following:

  • Individual Mental + Spiritual Health Advising

  • Couple’s Mental + Spiritual Health Advising

  • Individual Reiki Healing

  • Couple’s Reiki Healing

  • Familial Integration & Support

  • Sensual Sanctification & Intimacy Coaching 


The 6 week + support and services offered are designed to assist the couple with building their foundation. We are all multi-dynamic and multi-faceted beings. Beneath the surface there are components and experiences that have shaped our perception of ourselves, our partners and the world. Jasmine Dominique becomes an ally and works alongside with couples:


  • To fortify self-love and the relationship that individuals have with themselves within the relationship

  • To ensure that the couple’s vision, purpose and values are aligned (Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually & Financially)

  • To identify, to address and to alchemize any trauma or dysfunction that might create barriers within the marriage

  • To remove the bondage of tribal and familial cycles that do not serve the union

  • To channel and to integrate the power of Unconditional Agape Love

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