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LiveBeyondLimits-Integrative Health

Journey to Brazil Retreat

December 4th-December 9th 



Wifi will be accessible in the airport and in our home. I will utilize the Whats App page "Journey to Brazil" to communicate with everyone beginning November 28th. If necessary we can also utilize email.  


Must Haves:

1. Passport & I.D. 

2. At least 2 pair of white clothing

3. Picture of an ancestor/s or items that belonged to your anacestors

4. Journal

5. Items to placed in our Time Capsule (something/s that you would like to bury and to discover in the future).


Arrival 12/4:

I will arrive at the airport (time contingent on flight schedules). I will send information via GroupMe in regards to a central meeting location in the airport. A transportation provider will transport us to our home!


Departure 12/9: 

Car 1 will arrive for pick-up to travel to the airport (time contingent on flight schedules)

Car 2 will arrive for pick-up to travel to the airport (time contingent on flight schedules)


Activities: In conjunction with our daily schedule, activities to foster Holistic Health care will be provided daily. Participation is optional. See schedule below. I will be offering 2 Reiki sessions per day. A sign-up sheet will be available. 



1. Ice Breaker

2. Questionnaire Open Discussion

2. Intention Ceremony/Homage to the Ancestors 

3. Yoni Steam

4. Journal Question #1



1. Morning Meditation "Awakening the Chakras & Breathwork"

2. Intention Setting/Journal Question #1 Discussion

3. Delving into the Sub-Conscious Mind

4. Journal Question #2



1. Morning Meditation "Chakra Dance"

2. Intention Setting/Journal Question #2 Discussion

3. Play Date with the Inner Child

4. Journal Question #3

5. Rape' Ceremony (wear white)



1. Reflection on the Beach

2. Discussion of Journal Question #3

3. Journal Question #4

4. Ayahuasca Ceremony (contingent upon availability of the medicine)



1. Morning Meditation "Receiving & Releasing"

2. Intention Setting/Discussion of Journal Question #4

3. Self-Love Pledge 

4. Time Capsule Ceremony 


1. Morning Meditation "Manifestation & Clearing"

2. Group Reflection

3. Closing of the Ancestral Altar 


Preparation for Ayahuasca: If the medicine is available I will provide Guayusa Tea daily as we prepare for our ceremony 12/7. The tea has been used for centuries to assist one with preparing mentally for ayahuasca. It is also full of antioxidants. At least 3 days to a week before our ceremony 12/7, please remove or reduce the following from your diet:


1. fats

2. oils

3. spicy food

4. sugar

5. salt

6. caffeine

7. dairy

8. meat

9. alcohol

10. social media

11. sex


If you are pregnant or taking controlled medications please communicate with me. According to the general guidelines, remedies containing MAO inhibitors such as antidepressants and anxiolytics are in need of a more careful study for interaction with ayahuasca. 



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