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The Subconscious Mind is the unlimited space that encapsulates all of our memories. From the memories we begin to formulate our beliefs and patterns. It is a storehouse that is the catalyst for the shaping of our realities. The subconscious mind is always receiving and processing information. It is constantly observing, listening and digesting. It is always active and it is always seeking the next experience. 


The subconscious mind is the fertile soil for the seeds that create our realities. It maintains homeostasis by ensuring that we continue to repeat what has been done in the past. It is the place where our habits thrive. The subconscious mind is where our comfort zones receive validation.  


Where does it all begin?

When we are developing in our mothers’ wombs our subconscious mind began to receive input. The food, the environment, feelings, the conversations and the relationships that our mothers experienced are just a few of the contributing factors. So as you can see the formulation of our realities may be very intertwined with the formulation of our mothers’ realities. 


Genetically and generationally we were predisposed to the thoughts and behaviors of our mothers and their foremothers. This is why you can observe a family and see common themes and patterns amongst the family. When a person has a subconscious break or awakening, they then begin to shift the patterns that have existed within their lineage. This person knows that they have the choice to release what has and what continues to create imbalance within the family unit.  


How do subconscious thoughts shift?

The shift begins when the person becomes aware. Some may say that a spiritual awakening occurs that begins to create mental, physical, and spiritual changes. Quite often, it is the subconscious mind that rules the person and not the person who is ruling the subconscious mind. 


When a person is experiencing a shift they begin to observe themselves and the world that is surrounding them. Their subconscious thoughts will transition to conscious thoughts (awareness). As the awakening continues it is common for the person to begin to peel away the layers that shaped every aspect of their lives. They know that they have choices and the power to begin to release what it is that creates blockages and barriers. 

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