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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Life has been quite challenging for many of us. It was all divine. The veil was removed and if we allowed 2021 gave to us the opportunity to see beyond our ego (perceptions) and into the depths of our core. If everything that you thought was the truth crumbled before your eyes, count it all joy. Though beliefs give us something to cling to, hope for and strive for they can also create limitations if we are not aware. Baby, your soul is too big to be stuck or stagnant.

During this Great Awakening that we are all experiencing as a collective, many have found themselves questioning their ideologies about their own identity, their career and aspirations, their relationships and their future. I don't know who needs to read this, but it is ok to have questions. After all, beliefs have been thrown at us for such a long time. Sorting through the madness takes time.

The sudden and drastic shifts that have transpired in the world are causing many people to re- examine what the meaning of life should be. Several of us are still adapting to the eradication of the versions of ourselves that no longer hold sustenance in the "New World". Intuitively, I feel that year Twenty22 will be a year to enjoy the benefits that persistence, resilience, faith, hope and tenacity are granting to us. We are here and we did not give up! Cheers to you my friend. Your drive and determination were not in vain.

I hope that this blog is reminding you of your incredible brilliance and strength. Also, may this love letter inspire you to ENJOY PLEASURE. Remind your mind, your organs, your cells and every part of your being that it is OK to embrace bliss again. Don't we deserve it? Orgasmic Energy doesn't emerge only during sexual acts, it is available to us whenever we invoke it. Conversation can be orgasmic, rest can be orgasmic, eating a good meal can be orgasmic and your thoughts can be orgasmic! We are talking about the very energy and essence that created us all. Yes, we are all here because of the BIG O, an energy that is divine. It is always seeking to express itself through our existence.

Yes, life has been tough. Ok, life has been tough for a while, but year Twenty22 is ushering us into the light if we allow. The New Year wants to reward us for the countless sacrifices that we have made as the world continues to shift. Are you open and ready to receive? To assist with clearing the path make a list of ALL that you have chosen to leave in 2021 (habits, relationships, ideas, etc.). Make another list that includes all the blessings that 2021 shared with you. Gratitude is a powerful medium.

I hope that this blog encourages you to embrace bliss, pleasure and orgasmic flow within all realms of your life. Feeling Good is our birthright. It is divinely associated with the frequency of love. When we are in sync with the frequency of love nothing and I do mean nothing shall be impossible. Ignite your superpowers!

Happy New Year Friends. May Twenty22 be a year FULL of all that your precious heart desires.

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