Jasmine's reiki service is simply transformative! My perspective and outlook on my path has completely shifted for the better. I was greeted with warmth, the sweetest smile and an intentional kindness that made my first reiki session a smooth, clarifying experience. I felt safe, secure, and held throughout my healing process, and would hands down recommend consistent reiki sessions with Jasmine! 


This session provided a lot of confirmation for me that was truly needed. It helped to elevate and raise my vibration to an extremely high level. It was literally an out of body experience that helped me connect even more to my higher self. You are a true healer and gift from The Most High! 


Thank you,

Samuel X, President/Founder The Black United Summit International (BUSI)

Reiki Session

When I went to visit Jasmine for my Reiki session, I really did not know what to expect. I was feeling very detached and confused about how I should be fulfilling my purpose. I had a ton of things that I felt like I should be doing, but not enough trust in myself to know if it was the right direction. Jasmine took the time to listen to everything I had to say before the session even started. At no time, did I feel rushed or unheard. She has such a warm and welcoming spirit; I felt like I was talking to a friend. Right before we started, she explained how she does the session, and asked what I intend to accomplish from it. The Reiki session itself was very calm and relaxing, the atmosphere is very serene and comfortable. Once the Reiki session was over, she was able to give me clear insight into what my blockages were and advice on how to continue the work to remove them. After taking some days to really declutter the things no longer serving me, my purpose became evident.


Intuitive Reading

After having a successful Reiki session with Jasmine, I went to her again for an intuitive reading. I was incredibly open to receiving all messages. I prayed in advance for my highly enlightened ancestors to expose to Jasmine everything that I had been seeking clarity for. Before I could even begin asking questions, Jasmine was already giving me the answers to the questions I had asked my ancestors to reveal. They even divulged information I did not ask for, but I knew of, lol.  I have had several readings throughout the years, but never one as detailed and accurate as I have with Jasmine.  She is supportive and encouraging. Following all conversations with Jasmine, I always begin the work immediately after and things just fall into place. A lot of things in my life that were once stagnant, now have movement. I have so much to look forward to and it is extremely exciting.  She is truly a gift!

I plan on seeing Jasmine again in the future and recommend her to anyone who is open to receive, you will not be disappointed!


Courtney M.

This is by far the most beautiful and loving experience I have had connecting with my inner self to date. This was my first time having a reiki session. Jasmine was very warm and enlightening. I appreciate and value how she took time to see me and answer any question I had about reiki and in general. After our first session I feel highly connected to my spirit mind and body. I would encourage anyone who is seeking to reach out to Jasmine she’s awesome! 


Gabe L.

It actually took me over two years to approach Jasmine and her services. I'm a bit old fashioned in the idea that you should try to do it yourself and when that's not working out, you ask for help. Well this time I didn't wait until it was the last possible minute. I sought Reiki out after I'd gotten three referrals--I felt the universe was speaking to me. 


At the time of my first session, it was a challenging Summer personally and I needed clarity and confirmation that what I was experiencing mentally and emotionally was justified. 


What I learned from my Reiki session with Jasmine, was one: you have to prepare your spirit for change and transformation. Two, what we are feeling at any given moment is a result of everything that has been placed in us gradually whether intentionally or unintentionally, through past or current individuals or environments. The third component is the spiritual. She reminded me that there is a divine force guiding me and moving me along and encouraged me to truly acknowledge that greater force in my thoughts and actions. She reminded me that we are powerful beings with various manifestations of the Creator--from love, to frustration, to anger, hope, understanding, grief and joy. She challenged me to live in love and be present in all aspects of my individual experience and to acknowledge these necessary manifestations.  


During the session, my body and spirit felt elevated in a way I've never experienced. I was transported through energy that is hard to describe. I saw colors, felt heavy, felt light, felt free and awakened to something I had closed off. What I experienced and learned hasn't stopped since those two sessions. Now my spirit is aware of the potential in areas that I've taken for granted. It's a work in progress, but I'm walking with a greater understanding of myself as it relates to the spirit world and the tangible. I have more grace for others and myself. And I'm also learning how not to be afraid of what I can give to the world—and that it’s perfectly fine to negotiate those offerings—my energy, time, passions.... and to be open to what God through the world has to offer me. 

I sincerely recommend Jasmine's services for anyone who desires a more engaged and fulfilling life experience . 

Lakesha Moore

I started speaking to Jasmine at a time when I was apprehensive to seek professional help.  Working with Jasmine has truly honed and shaped my outlook on life. Each session has been insightful and informative. Jasmine has given me the tools to make tangible changes within my life. Furthermore she has provided a safe space for healing, allowing me to acknowledge my issues and hardships. One of the most reassuring parts of working with Jasmine is her patience and gentle approach.  The past 2 months have set me on a path to self-discovery, healing and restoration. I am grateful to jasmine for sharing her gifts and I know that this year will be transformative for me. 

Kendyl B.

I have met with Jasmine a few times, the amount of peace that she brings to me personally is just beyond words.  The past few months have been so hard on our family suffering such great loss, Jasmine has helped me begin the healing process and it's just amazing.  Her insight and overall peaceful nature is something that words just can't do her justice, it's something I would encourage you to experience for yourself so you will truly know the peace and love you will feel.


How is that?  I could go on and on about you....You are amazing.


Jasmine is truly an angel on Earth.  I met Jasmine a little over a year ago.  I contacted her when I was anxious and confused about the current state of my love life.  She definitely provided a sense of peace and her honest, yet gentle, delivery was what I needed.  Since then, I have sent several people to her for healing and clarification.  She is very in tuned with her gifts and I look forward to my first Reiki session.  I would also recommend following her social media pages.  Those golden nuggets she provides keeps my spirit and energy high and positive.   


Jasmine really knows what's she's doing. She is a very loving person and that energy is so real within her that if you aren't ready to be told the truth about your situation it's best that you don't even ask for a consultation. She looked right at and asked me about some deeply repressed trauma that makes me wonder if I'm actually that see through or if Jasmine is really just that good. As someone who has been pursuing "alternative" methods of healing for a long time, I've come across a number of self proclaimed seers, healers and light workers. None of them compare to her.

Nia Hampton

I enjoyed my Reiki session. During the beginning as your hands were over my (fore) head I began to feel a release of tears. I initially wanted to break down crying, but didn't want to disturb the session. Another thing I remember is while the hands were on my stomach I experienced to spirits of babies (one to my left and onto my right). Another experience I had was I felt something just released  out of me and a BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT lit up....again tears began to release. I enjoyed this experience.....THANK YOU.

Errika Brown

I recently received a Reiki session from Jasmine and it was well worth it! She is such a sweet person and a loving soul. If you're open to her and allow her energy to flow through to you, you will feel very calm and relaxed during and after her session. She spends time ensuring that all of your problem areas are taken care of before she is finished. This really helps open you up to higher thinking and things will be much clearer to you in your life. It's great for alignment. You'll be able to feel loved in the areas that you need it most, she helps you discover areas that may need more attention and healing. It's a great experience and she is a wonderful practitioner!

Shayna Q.

On Wednesday May 17, 2017, I had one of the best experiences of my life after my counseling and Reiki sessions with Jasmine Dominique. I originally became familiar with Jasmine after a friend recommended her book, Trust the Journey. This book spoke to me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I felt like she had been walking in my shoes and I could really relate to her story. After reading the book, I immediately reached out to Jasmine to schedule a counseling session with her.


Our first meeting was over the phone and our spirits connected and I knew that she was the person that would be able to help me work through my mental and emotional issues. Jasmine’s style of counseling is very unique, profound and intimate. I could tell that she was being led by the spirit because there were many things that she spoke of that I had not revealed to her. She was very gentle but honest at the same time. Jasmine shared some techniques and exercises for me to work on until our next meeting.


Our counseling session was followed with a Reiki session. This was my first experience with Reiki but it will definitely not be the last. Again, Jasmine is very gentle and informative, after my Reiki, I felt so light and had a greater sense of clarity. Jasmine patiently made sure that I understood everything and always made sure that I was okay and this made me feel very comfortable.


I am looking forward to continuous work in counseling and Reiki with Jasmine.


I met with Jasmine for the first time this past weekend and would highly suggest her services to anyone that is considering Reiki. Although I have never met Jasmine, I felt an instant connection with her and was very comfortable sharing personal details. My session was amazing, the level of relaxation that I experienced was beyond anything I've encountered before. I could physically feel the energy working throughout my body and could feel tension leaving. Jasmine did not rush the session, she took the time I needed which was very much appreciated.


Afterwards she shared some information with me about my past which helped to bring some clarity to some of the issues I struggle with today. I look forward to communicating with Jasmine further and having more sessions with her. Jasmine is so amazing, I just can't truly put in adequate words the feelings I experienced....just amazing.

Chasity S.

I have no words. Really. There are no words in any dictionary that can describe Jasmine or the experience I have had with her holistically. I had a Reiki session with her and it changed my life. There were blockages I did not know I had. There were issues that were cleared energetically and physically. Through her reading she was able to tell me why I was blocked and why I had pain in certain areas. She has been sent here with a gift to heal. She is an angel amongst us. I am forever grateful for what she gave me. She will change your life just by being in her presence.

Tayla Scaife

I had my first experience with Jasmine Dominique Reiki session. The experience was unique The energy Jasmine brings into your home is an experience all in itself. After my session, I had 3-hour nap something I hadn't done in a long time. IT'S WORTH THE MONEY AND EXPERIENCE. Will definitely do it again.

Don A.

I had the honor of experiencing a Reiki session with Jasmine Dominique and what an experience it was! She is a true genuine spirit with a passion for healing! S...he helped me uncover things weighing on me that I didn't even realize were there! I was overwhelmed with openness and energy when I left her space but in such a positive way! If the thought has crossed your mind to have this experience for yourself, this IS your message to make an appointment with her today!

Lauren S.

It was a refreshing, insightful experience that brought balance to my whole being. Reiki made me feel light as a feather! I give thanks for Jasmine Dominique providing such a space.

Dominique Hayes

I'm so grateful right now to sister Jasmine Dominique for my very refreshing Reiki session! Feeling much more aligned this morning. Looking forward to incorporating a session into my monthly diet for healthy living.

Joseph Bazelais

I came to Jasmine at a very trying time in my life and the experience was nothing short of amazing. I immediately felt comfortable when I heard her soothing voice. This session was crucial to my healing process, and I am very thankful that I chose someone that is legit with such knowledge.

Shania P.

Talking to Jasmine has brought me into a better space. I appreciate everything she has to offer she gives me great advice on how to become a better me. Her readings have touched sensitive topics that I am able to confront and work towards evolving. She’s definitely helping me step outside of my comfort zone. I love her energy! She’s beautiful inside and out, warm and very much welcoming. Anyone who is seeking a spiritual advisor I would recommend Jasmine Dominique, she truly is gifted.

Ashlee H.

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