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Reiki Healing & Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master Level Certification + Group & Private Certification Courses Available

Jasmine Dominique is a certified Reiki Specialist and Master Teacher. She assists clients with releasing emotional, mental, and physical blockages that can be caused by a few of the examples below:

1.Electromagnetic pollution from wireless devices

2. Negative thoughts and emotions

3. Cultural and social beliefs that create fear

4. Exposure to "bad vibes"

5. Past life and current life trauma

6. Physical and mental health diagnoses (side effects of medications)

Reiki  energy "the laying of the hands" is the divine essence that aims to heal and to rejuvenate. The specialist serves as a vessel for the healing energy to flow to the receiver. The Reiki energy then streams steadily to the areas where healing is needed. It is very subtle, but very powerful. It ignites our innate ability to heal ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 


Intuitive Readings

Readings are designed to provide support and answers to questions related to love, finances, family, deceased loved ones, career, health and more. With the assistance of her spirit guides and your spirit guides, clarity will be received.

Jasmine Dominique is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant intuitive reader and counselor. 

Spiritual & Mental Health Advising

Private and Group sessions are available. Together, we will identify positive alternatives and strengthen methods that allows your physical, spiritual, and mental bodies to co-exist in harmony. Collaboratively, we delve into your sub-conscious thoughts, which is the storehouse for our memories and experiences. 


We will discover generational, social-cultural, and individual patterns that serve as  supporters or barriers for your health goals. Ultimately, the objective of each session is to help you to become more insightful and in tune with yourself and with the world that you are creating. 

Holistic Birth Doula Support

As a trained Doula & Childbirth Educator Jasmine Dominique works to provide emotional, spiritual and physical support for the birthing person and their partner. She shares resources and tools throughout pregnancy and helps the mother and family to prepare for her upcoming birth. During labor and birth, Jasmine is an important member of the support team.

Preconception services to improve overall health and fertility are available!

"My goal is to ensure that the mother's voice is heard and that her needs are honored. She knows her body and her baby better than anyone else". 

Rhythmic Movement Classes

Afro-Brazilian and Sensual Dance classes are designed to emphasize the importance of the connection between the mind, the body and the spirit. Through movement we can open up the parts of ourselves that have been stagnant and inexpressive. Classes are available for all dance levels. 

Health & Wellness Retreats

Jasmine Dominique lived in Salvador Bahia, Brazil for 2 beautiful and transformative years. There she was introduced to her spirit. The TRUE self. Now, she is hosting retreats to share the magic, culture, traditions and history of a gem that exists in our world.

During this retreat, together participants will delve into our hearts and souls. Of course lots of fun will be available  Space will be be held  for 7 individuals that are ready for a new journey. The "Journey to Bahia Retreat" will consist of engaging in collective and individual activities that can support the mind, the body and the spirit. Open your heart to experience the wonderful possibilities.

Registration for the first 2020 retreat is closed. Stay tuned for upcoming retreat openings!

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